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  • The video method of tutorial ROCKS because it allows for a single point of information that can be paused and replayed while still covering all of the build critera. Way to go. Oh and a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is hundreds of pictures so....

  • Think of me as several hundred or even several thousand people all sharing with the world what badly designed products and hardware you offer. You are messing with my hobby store punks and its going to cost you in more ways than any possible confusion between your brand and the branding of Sparkfun.
    On another note, I do find it very humorous that your website is listed by Google as dangerous; I guess the paybacks have already started.
    Mr. Boyd

  • I just emailed them this letter. All true and I plan to follow up each month to let them know how many people I have turned away from their hardware.
    SPARC Bankruptcy: A result of the loss of millions in hardware sales as a result of poor corporate ethics and social responsibility by SPARC Int.
    Dear SPARC International, Inc.
    I work for a very very large manufacturing company with billions of dollars in yearly revenue. I work primarily as a server administrator and infrastructure architect for network and server hardware including storage area networks and virtual systems hardware. I have considerable influence on the decisions about what type of hardware the company will purchase for servers and core infrastructure devices.
    Let me assure you that continued badgering of www.sparkfun.com by www.sparc.org will result in lost sales to my company and I will from this point on be a champion of advising friends and other companies to stay away from your products at all costs. I will make it a personal mission to bad mouth your company and products at every trade show, training venture, or meet and greet that I attend for years to come.

  • I second this, and would purchase two of them.

  • So I thought I would buy two of those cute little 16gb devices listed in your post and found that two cost ? 25 960.00 = 273.54052 US$. $273 is a bit steep even for that small package. heh Did I miss the us pricing or something?

  • Red on Black anytime. But the product tee is a sure secdond place. Put me down for two, one for me and one for my girl.

  • From the PDF labeled avr-p28b.pdf listed above the comments:
    Supported devices:
    AT90S2333, AT90LS2333, AT90S4433,
    AT90LS4433, ATtiny28L, ATtiny28V

  • "Publish fully and publish frequently" Some smart dude.
    "Mail yourself a letter with a thumb drive (or CD) full of data and leave it unopened in a fire safe; a poor man?s patent of sorts." My Girl
    "Sparkfun has reignited my burning desire for knowledge; youthfulness, previously lost in an adult world of rules and standardization." Me

  • I would pay the $50 fee for a recording/stream of the class too. Just think about being able to resell the classes for $40-50 a shot in the future to people who want to learn but have odd hours or busy schedules.

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