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  • Hi there, i am trying to drive a pretty hefty stepper motor (6V, 3A) with this board. I did the simple hookup using the schematic near the end of the hookup guide, & just uploaded & ran the basic music player as is, & with the references to motorB commented as well. I did not see any motion from my motor or any current being pulled from my power supply. Then, i tried making my own simple sample code to just see if i can get the motor running & still an unable to see any amperage being pulled. I checked my signals with the board running & see 5V across Pwr & ground, 1.8V across gnd & MISO, 5V across gnd & SCK, .003V across gnd & MOSI, & 5V across grd & CSN. With the power supply on i see 7.3 V (what i set the power supply to) to the external ground & power. If i check the the stepper motor output terminals, i see no voltage across them & ground. This imgur link has pictures of my setup & my basic code: http://imgur.com/a/rAagy. Ive checked the continuity of all of my soldering & ensured no crossed signals. Any help would be appreciated.

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