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  • Product TOL-09291 | about 4 years ago

    Good power supply with a few annoyances.
    1. You have to spin the dials a bazillion times to get between the top and bottom of the voltage/current ranges.
    2. It takes a noticeable fraction of a second for the supply to switch from constant-voltage to constant-current mode, so don’t rely solely on the current limit to prevent you from blowing things up.

  • Product TOL-09292 | about 4 years ago

    Followup - I’ve had this unit for about a year, and I suspect that it’s starting to fail. I occasionally get “phantom current” readings - nothing is plugged in, yet the meter shows 40 milliamps, or the dials are set for 12v out yet the output gets stuck at 0.4v and stays there until the leads are unplugged/replugged.
    This wouldn’t worry me so much if I hadn’t had three expensive chips go up in smoke in quick succession for no apparent reason. I’m now wary of this power supply, and will look into getting a replacement.

  • Product TOL-09263 | about 5 years ago

    Looks like 8 bit resolution, 1000 sample buffer.

  • Product TOL-09275 | about 5 years ago

    ~94% efficiency at 12v -> 5v = nice!
    Pins instead of solder pads would be nice though, especially at 0.1" spacing. I’m using some 2 amp DC-DC converters for a LED array and the pins are a little off (I have to drill out the protoboard a bit).

  • Product TOL-09292 | about 5 years ago

    I have this model, works fine. Controls are a little fidgety and output is a little noisy, but overall it works great for everything I’ve tried.

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