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High-power rocketry Robotics


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  • That would be nice. In the meantime, check out local clubs, they are usually more than happy to show new people the ropes. In New York I'm aware of NYC Resistor:
    In my area (Philadelphia area), check out Hive76:
    This is of course not an exhaustive list, but the point is: Google around, you will probably find some group nearby that would love to have you.

  • Wow, that Bokode idea is really cool. Kind of like a lensless microscope with a twist. All kinds of applications come to mind... Thanks guys, I really didn't need more projects added to my pile! ;)
    As for the 250g accelerometer, I used one a couple of years ago on a project involving a high-power rocket launched from a pneumatic cannon (the "Jujubee" project). The cannon would fire the rocket into the air at about 240 ft/s in my tests, and the high-g accelerometer would detect that spike and use it to initiate the rocket motor ignition (an "I"-impulse motor). I didn't log the data except max acceleration, but the simulations were predicting it would experience about 300 gees if I were to go to full cannon pressure. At my low pressures I think I only experienced about half that. The only way I ever saw 300 gees was by smacking the PCB sharply against a hard object. I'll have to revisit that project one day and put the 500g sensors through their paces!

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