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  • My apologies again for the delay, and we've made some changes to ensure that it won't happen again. Please let us know on the forum if we've answered all of your questions to your satisfaction, and don't hesitate to post follow-up questions — we'll do better next time!

  • Kinoma Create is a Linux device. You can telnet in over Wi-Fi or connect to the serial console over USB. We're working to publish the full kernel sources for the device, though it is some effort. In the meantime, because the device is based on the well known Marvell PX168 (a.k.a. Aspen) part, you may be able to use some public Linux distributions.

  • At kinoma.com/create you can find "getting started" documentation, reference docs, samples and projects. We recently held our first Kinoma Create webinar, and we'll be doing more on a regular basis — you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or our blog to get a heads-up on these. Also, the folks who designed and built Kinoma Create hang out on our community forum and are standing by to help answer any pre-purchase or ongoing questions you might have.

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