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  • Can we get the eagle board design files ?

  • Do you plan to make the eagle board files available ?

  • Hello !!!
    Finally getting to attend this. Will be flying from Memphis, TN. Can't wait to attend. Can you recommend some decent hotels that are near to this place and cheap ?

  • I had one question about this board. In this board while connecting the USB FTDI chip to the gsm module , do you guys use any level translation in between the 3.3 V signal from the usb and the 2.8 V CMOS on the GM862 side. When I looked into the schematics , it doesn't seem so. So does it mean that the 2.8V CMOS is compatible with the 3.3 V from the USB ?

  • Hello ,
    Can this be used to interface the GM862 uart (2.8V CMOS) with an msp430 uart (3.3V) ?

  • Hi Sparkfun ,
    Good to see you guys carrying this product on your product line. But the problem is that the DIGI Xtends come with a strict warranty statement, that says if we solder anything on to the modems directly we void the warranty.
    So it would be good if you sell the break outs with accompanying headers of that pitch, so that customers jut plug their units on to this breakout and don't void their warranties by soldering anything on the modems.
    Keep up the good work.

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