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  • Cool, but I'm not sure I'd call this a 'robot' it's an home-built RC car that has tank style steering, in my mind a robot has to preform tasks also aka an arm, cameras, etc... Don't get me wrong this is cool and it would be fun to drive around but not a robot to me.

  • Gives FIFO and LIFO a whole new meaning!

  • I know it's been suggested before and you don't want chains, but Fry's would be a great place, they sell many kits already have a decent selection of DIY tools and parts. I live 30 miles from Chicago and the only place I can find components and other parts is either Fry's or Radiohack.

    Also I have to second American Science and Surplus (sciplus.com) they are a small set of stores (3) but would be perfect for Sparkfun products. I use to work at one and spent many hours hacking things together with the parts there (One of them was a coilgun) for displays.

  • I wish I could use my code for Ponoko

  • I won, but this was a pretty lame free day, captchas? Come on you can do better...

  • Bah JOKE!
    Could have limited by current customers or at least broke it down by time zone, or zip to give people a chance, not all of us are on the fastest ISPs.

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