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  • Q.

    Is this latest version still freaking out when a wireless KBD/mouse receiver is plugged in?

    The first ones I bought about 2 years ago wouldnt operate with a wireless KBD dongle plugged in.

  • If it has to have external power to operate a USB device, then its faulty and not performing to USB specs. The original RPs had design flaws that compromised USB operation- thats why the hub was needed, the Pi was subject to horrible RF interference because the power supplies and USB circuits were improperly designed and circuit board layouts were faulty.

    If its USB, it must operate any USB device, thats what Standards are all about.

  • Been there, done that with an 8051 system, the catch isnt frequency, its loss of shape of the digital pulses. They have to be received reasonably clean and square.

    Should work if the i2C data rate is "slow" See:

    The above site states three data rates, the slowest is 100 Kb. That is less than the 115.2 Kb rate claimed in the ad.

    For a temp sensor, theres no need for a high speed bus, the sensor itself can probably only respond on the order of 1/10 th second.

    if youre unsure of the data rate, look at the clock speed.

    Use an oscilloscope to verify received pulses, there's only so much rounding of the pulses that can be tolerated and still have valid zeros and ones to a data system.

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