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  • I've been anxiously awaiting this for several weeks now. Anybody have status?

  • I now see that member 442911 ran into the same issue with not being able to log data at the 20 Hz rate. His solution was the Sparkfun Open Logger. It's much smaller than the Logomatic, so it should work for me.

  • I recently purchased this receiver and was very disapointed to discover the fastest data logging rate (to the unboard memory) is 1 Hz. Not mentioning this in the above product description is a serious omision in my opinion. I am able to log data at the full 20 Hz rate by connecting the receiver to Sparkfun's Logomatic board, but that adds considerable size and weight to the setup. Perhaps someone could provide me with a suggestion for a way to log the data generated by the receiver with something smaller than the Logomatic?

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