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  • I was going to say look at the kickstarter or product page, but just looked again, and the kickstarter page refers to there being a 16u2 in one pllace and the 32u2 elsewhere.. I suspect they started out with a 16u2 and migrated to the 32u2, but am just supposing. damn

  • Looks like it uses the 328 for uno compatibility, and the 32u2 for USB serial comms.. and exposes the 32U2 so you can program that too..

  • lots. I built this with my son a while back. It was losing/ gaining minutes a day when we gave up on it. You can do a pretty good job of keeping time if you have a decent crystal, keep the temperature fairly stable, and compensate for the given crystal's drift. I suspect either poor choice of crystals, or a bad batch of crystal's for my clock's poor performance.

  • This is NOT the mating connector for the dust sensor.. It IS the connector that is on the dust sensor.. Looks like the mate is PRT-09690.. not sure why none complained about this in the year or so that it has been sold?!

  • look at page 6 of the btm182 pdf.
    it shows an outline of the device with the antenna at the left.
    there is a little (1) at the lower left. This denotes pin one.
    there are 2 more pins above and to the left of pin 1.. these are 31, and 32..
    hope this helps.

  • for more info, take a look in the forum, searching for BTM-182.
    Got things straightened out now.

  • ok.. so I can talk using the thingy now.
    I put it in master mode
    take it out of auto connect
    give it a MAC to connect to
    tell it to connect
    allow the connection on my PC with the default PIN (1234)
    tada! two one way serial connections, one outgoing, one ingoing to my PC from the dongle.
    once it is saved, it should work with ATA after power up. ( will try this )

  • more fun:
    I can talk to the thing, I get ok when I set most parameters.
    I can't seem to connect in data mode though: The PC has the end points set up as com 11 and com 12, but ata gives error.
    Anybody got any thoughts?

  • nevermind...
    missed something obvious ( I blame tiredness ): a solder bridge wire across the rx and tx terminals. I used half pitch ribbon cable, but it is still a tiny connection.
    Thanks anyhow, help this helps someone else.

  • I seem to be having some trouble:
    with the doohickey hooked up to 3.6V, and a rs232 level shifter, I can communicate with it via hyper terminal... sort of. It does seem to detect baud rates when I send a series of 'AT's to it, but it echoes back way more than I type. For example, if I type 'at', it echoes back 'aaaaaaaattttttttt' or 'aaaaaaaaaaataaaaaaaaaa' or some such. I can occasionally get it to give me an error response from an "ATZ", but it does not give just on "ERROR" but several..
    Any thoughts?
    (BTW, it does get discovered when I search for it via bluetooth.. although, I dont seem to be able to send to it, or recieve from it.. prob because I am in command mode via serial port)