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  • Flawless so far! All the example sketches for Arduino are working great. Github Library for Qwiic/I2C is pretty simple and easy to use. Looking forward to using this sensor on our next high altitude balloon mission in NV.

  • I had great experience with the serial version of OpenLog, and this Qwiic version is also good with some important limitations. I have been unable to get it to perform properly with SAMD21 based boards including the MKR WiFi 1010, nano 33 IoT, and the Sparkfun Redboard Turbo. However, it works fine with the Uno. The basic problem is that it drops a lot of characters in the file with the SAMD21 boards I have tried when using the commonplace x.print() or x.println() routines. The only way I have been able to get it to work "ok" with the SAMD21 boards is by saving data one byte at a time (printing one character at a time) followed delay(15) for each and every character. This is in no way a "high performance" (high speed) device when you need to slow it down like this just to eliminate dropped characters in the file. This problem when working with some boards seems to be well-known and is mentioned in the "howto" and on GitHub. It sounds like a hardware limitation, but perhaps a solution will emerge in the future!

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