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  • If you have one of your probes connected to common you may need to connect it to RES-2 instead and the red one to RES-1 to measure resistance.

  • Yes there is a lot of digital cameras that use the same type of cable to connect to a TV, but I'm pretty sure Sparkfun doesn't sell one. You would have to google it, or you could probably find one on Amazon or Ebay

  • An Arduino can only drive about 100 ma total, so if you are using more than 5 of these on one Arduino you might start having problems, unless you connect transistors to the outputs. Use google to search for transistor driving circuits for Arduino. Hope this helps.

  • Why was this retired? People still need this for prototyping with an Arduino...

  • What about a datasheet? I don't know what size hole to make for the pins...

  • Does this item still have traces on both sides? I would rather not buy it if that is the case...

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