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Country: United States

  • Hello RobertC,
    I just checked my personal e-mail account,the one I am registered here with and I have not received any e-mails from you. Have you sent it though some forum PM that I am unaware of?
    However I don't think it is necessary to discuss this privately in e-mails. It is explained in my link that I have purchased the arduino boards through your distributor Pololu and I have already contacted them about the issue and they have tested and confirmed a problem exists in your product. They have taken the correct steps and added a warning to their product page.
    If you want to argue the validity of this problem you should contact them as I am sure they will be happy to answer any technical questions you have about this.
    My question to you is have you tested the new Arduino Uno under the same conditions outlined in the link above and can promise that they absolutely do not have the same problem?
    I also hope that some unbiased forum members that have received their uno will test and report their findings as well.

  • I have asked this also but have never got an answer. I have concluded that their is a fundamental problem with these boards and no one wants to admit it.
    Pololu also believes there is a flaw in the arduino design and has put a warning on their product page:
    I was a fan of the ardunio and figured they would get this problem sorted out quickly and openly, but that did not happen and instead they are having childish debates about the cosmetics of their product. I can not buy another official arduino product now because of this uncertainty.

  • I purchased my arduinos with the problem from Pololu who get their stock of arduinos from YOU. I have already told them about the problem through the proper channels and they indeed could reproduce it:
    I expect they have informed you about it already and are waiting for your fix.
    I commented here about the Uno because I am simply trying to find a working alternative to build my projects on.

  • I normally use a 9V - 12V power supply and the problem is most definitely there in the Duemilanove as I have measured it myself. Did you even test the Uno? 5V going TO the USB port of the computer like this is never normal. Sadly if someone would have just tested their design in the first place before production it would have saved this embarrassing result.

  • I would love to start using the UNO but before I can you must assure me that they do not have the same power switching problem recently discovered in the Duemilanove: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1284034373
    Please pull one from your stock and note the MOSFET and test to see if the USB and external power is being switched properly as described here:
    I am very curious and look forward to hearing about your results.

  • I must say I am very disappointed that no one had tested to see if this power switching feature actually worked correctly with the new components before putting them into mass production. Could have saved us a big headache.
    What is the situation on the new Arduino Uno? Do these have the problem too?

  • Hi,
    A friend of mine recently discovered a hardware bug in the Arduino Duemilanove:
    It seems some manufacturers are using a bad replacement for the NDT2955 MOSFET. This
    replacement does not switch the USB and input power correctly
    I have purchased boards from another U.S retailer that do not have this MOSFET labeled and it does not work properly.
    We need to be assured that your Aruduino boards indeed use the NDT2955 MOSFET and have no problems switching the power properly. Can you please look into this and let everyone know?
    You can also read more information about this bug and some tests to see if the MOSFET is working here:

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