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  • Hi Nate:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing the awesome details on how you/SparkFun went about getting the right certifications and placing them on the shielding frame. Very insightful.

    You had mentioned that you paid approx. around $1k for the second run with the IC # change. Can you give us a ball-park number on how much it costs these days for "an initial tooling"? This will give someone like a hobbyist trying to build something a rough idea of how much some of these start-up costs will be.

    Thank you again for taking your time to share all the wonderful details.


  • For some of the beginners on this technology, please refer to the following link on details on the I2C (or IIC) - this link gives a fairly good description on what-is-it and how-can-you-work-with-it.

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