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  • Purchased one of these little guys for a Pi powered radio. It replaced a bulky (in relative terms) USB/DAC that picked up all kinds of hiss, and it replaced a heat wasting amplifier also with a bulky design, and finally it replaced a Python controlled on/off power relay. So, for peanuts I got better audio quality, less noise (with one exception to follow), better battery life and space savings. What not to like?

    One thing! A very loud POP at both power on and when the mpd/mpc "play" command was issued. Solved the power on POP with a 10K pull-down resistor on the SD (mute) pin. Worked around the "play" POP by delaying the un-mute for 2 seconds after starting "play".

    Bottom line - love it. Crisp audio, gain to spare and beats other solutions.

    Poke around on the Adafruit forum and look for "Raspberry Pi and I2S amplifier pops on startup. FIX!", then search on "MAX98357A" to see other relevant comments.

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