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  • [3M 4956 VHB acrylic tape]( is very good at permanently holding a PCB down, even over industrial temperature range. It is much better than typical foam tape which can fall off in hot humid weather. (which can destroy expensive equipment)

    Just keep in mind, once you stick it down, it is very difficult to get it off. For this small PCB, the easiest way to get the tape off if you use a singe piece, is to twist the PCB. If you mount a larger PCB in 4 corners, you would will need some kind of wooden dowel with a flat edge like a screwdriver to remove the tape.

    While the length of the tape rolls are on the long side, this would be a good product for Sparkfun to carry, since it has many uses.

  • On the current version of this that I just ordered, the microSD card is about 1 mm away from the edge on the inside when loaded. So if you mounted this in an enclosure, you would need fingernails to push it in. So I think they still need to move the socket over slightly.

  • XCTU runs fine in Windows 7 x64. I just flashed 4 radios using it.

  • I designed a new version and sent my Eagle Files to Sparkfun.
    It has a reset switch and easy access TX, RX, 3.3V, GND, and 5V on the front to use this for other devices. I think you could attach right angle headers to it.(and still see the LEDs)
    I also put all of the silkscreen and labels on the top only. I think if you hook this into a breadboard it will be easier to hook up pins now. (You can't see the pin labels on the bottom when you plug this into a breadboard)

  • Using one of these and a series 2.5 pro module with the large duck antenna, I was able to get almost 500 foot range line of site, before I ran into a fence.<br />
    Its neat that these small wire antennas can go that far.<br />
    I had one programmed as the coordinator AT and the other programmed as a router AT (latest zigbee firmware) then ran the loop back test using X-CTU.

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