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  • I'm using the board for a small Formula car project, butI'm having an hard time dealing with it. I've to say that my setup is far from orthodox. I'm using long (around 1.5m SCL and SDA lines), with power coming from a 5V regulator on the main powerline of the car. At the testbench everything runs fine, however when the combustion engine of the car is powered up, the board freezes. I've managed to "unfreeze" the board by reinitializing the I2C protocol via software, however the gyro seems to stay locked at null output on all the 3 x y z registers and even power cycling doesn't help unless the engine is powered off. The board itself is far from the engine and vibrations are dampened trough some rubber strips. I personally suspect it's an issue related to power source noise/spikes, thus I was wondering if anybody has experienced such an unstable behaviour from the ITG3200 gyro in noisy environments and which countermeasures should be implemented. Thanks

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