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  • Sparkfun: Designs a PCB for DC power, adds warnings not to use it with AC, is sure to include a 250VAC fuse in the kit. :not-like-this:

  • Isn't that a 16-segment display on the Т-shirt (not a 7-segment one) :-P

  • Hey, why you no longer stock products of Olimex? They have some great stuff these days that won't directly compete with your own products e.g. a DIY laptop, FPGA boards, etc.

  • Not really, and it's a waste: pin-mapping

    If you are interested in small router boards, here is an OSHW Realtek based one: OLinuXino RT5350F

    Also there are PDF schematics avaiable in the provided GitHub repo for convenience.

  • Even worse then ... Thanks for the correction :)

  • Am I really bad with math, or the contents of this kit bought separately cost 746.95? What's the deal with selling it for 949.95? Supporting education much :D

  • webs

    I think that SF started mainly as a distributor for the then market-disrupting low priced (but high quality) developer boards from Olimex. Their website really sucked (it was created in 1995 and moved to a normal new version in autumn 2012). I recently listened to a podcast with Tsvetan Uzunov - the creator and owner of Olimex - it got quite interesting stuff :) They were producing boards for home appliances (white) before the Chinese boom and when thеy entered the DEV business prices there were 1K+ for the boards but they were with the thinking of a mass production company for end-user devices (read high quality, tight schedule and extremely low margins) and they rocked with what were 10-20 $ boards :D He even said that the German distributor didn't want to write invoices for such low values because the process for making the invoice was pricier than the value of the invoice itself :D And the distributor said "please make all boards 100$" :)) Those would be good times :)

  • P.s. Someone else up in the comments have linked another US store selling the Olimex product: http://microcontrollershop.com/product_info.php?products_id=7067

  • Sparkfun used to have some Olimex products. What I meant was for Sparkfun to stock these for us exactly because low quantity orders would have a higher price because of the shipment costs ;) There are also some ebay sellers but they are killing you with the prices (15 USD vs ~ 6 USD for single quantity/cheaper for more original Olimex price).

  • You could have stocked a great, OSHW, EU-made version, that has all the GPIO pins available at a breadboard friendly spacing: https://www.olimex.com/Products/IoT/ The price is pretty good, too.

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