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  • Looks like a neat set-up for some of us novices.
    My problem: I have an existing project using an ADXL330 and ATmega168 that makes realtime calculations and controls the rest of the system based upon the current state of motion.
    1) I’d like to move to to a higher resolution accelerometer/microprocessor in the +-1.5g range.
    2) I’d also like to continue making fast(er) realtime calculations for feedback with the rest of the system.
    3) I’d like to simultaneously record xyz accelerations (and maybe a few other sensor readings) to an SD card.
    I’m not sure exactly what I’ll need to do this or which accelerometer/microprocesser(s) I should choose. My layperson strategy would be to do the calculations/triggering and SD card recording using different microprocessors.
    Any ideas or thoughts?

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