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  • Awesome project!
    Maybe the following idea is usefull as an addition.
    In the present set-up you switch of the entire system to stop your engine.
    You can find a few indicators on a car to let the computer know if the engine is running (Eng=1) or stopped (Eng=0).
    On fuel-injected engines there are a few terminals on the ignition computer but it’s a pretty long search, to find the right one (car companies aren’t very opensource)
    Most of the time I just use the Oil pressure indicator (PiOil) as an engine status indicator
    (If PiOil= 0 then Eng=1 elseif PiOil = 1 then Eng=0)
    if engine is on, there is pressure, the light is of.. viceversa
    Maybe you can program the top arduino to change it’s status from to after the engine has started. E.g. you can place a normally closed relais in the ignition system, which opens when you give the computer the command. So the auxiliary electrical remains on and the engine stops…
    With this setup you also prevent the startermotor to engage when the button is pressed accidently during driving.
    You can even add a speedometer to the equation to prevent the engine to stop when you accidently push the engine stop button during driving.
    if speed is more than 5mph the engine can be stopped.
    if speed is more than 5mph, block engine stop function.

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