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  • This board would physically fit my current [tiny] project better if I trimmed off the JST connector end, repaired the cut traces w/ jumpers. While studying what I'd be cutting/jumping, I noticed the board pictured above looks different from the eagle files below, notably in the orientation of the caps in the upper left corner, near the output, and the position of the via near the JST connector. In the photo, the via is right next to the caps, whereas in the .brd file, it's much farther to the right, above the JST connector, would be cut off. Which is accurate, reflecting what you currently ship, the .brd file, or the photo above? Anyone else have trouble opening the alternate .brd files on github? ("Error: line 7, column 6: This is not an EAGLE file.")

  • Why is this circuit, which uses the same TI TPS61200 as the arduino mini FET shield's power supply, rated to provide so little current at 3.3V, while the FET shield is rated at 600ma, and per the product description has been tested to produce 2A at 3.3V?? The only component with any current passing through it seems to be the inductor, and it's rated for 1.2A per this schematic. Per Fig9, with a 1A 3.3V load and power save disabled, efficiency remains between 80% and 90% between 3V and 4.2V, the normal operating range of a LiPo cell. Per the same Fig9, for a 500mA load, under the same circumstances, the efficiency curve looks worse, but still ranges between 68% (for a fully charged bat at 4.2V) to 90% at 3V. Is there some part that's hobbling the output in this circuit?

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