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  • There are some 'gotchas' that people need to be aware of if they plan to use this adapter with the Raspberry Pi. I learned them the hard way.

    If you boot your Raspberry Pi into NOOBS and you get no display, you have to hit '2' on your keyboard. This will force HDMI safe mode and should get the display to work.

    If you boot your Raspberry Pi in Raspbian you need to edit the /boot/config.txt file. You can SSH into the device to edit the file, even if you don't have a display.

    SSH into the device with the command 'ssh pi@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' with password 'raspberry'. Edit the config file with the command 'sudo nano /boot/config.txt'. Do the following:

    Leave this line commented out: htmi_safe

    uncomment these lines: htmi_force_hotplug hdmi_group hdmi_mode

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