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  • I'd like to see an automated beverage dispenser. After a long day at work, I like to come home and quench my thirst. It's frustrating to have to leave my desk to go to the fridge for another cool drink. If you give me the items then I'll send you a BOM and I'll build one for ya.


    Thank you

  • The issues mentioned in the article were obviously inevitable - we could see the storm brewing, no surprise.

    I truly appreciate SparkFun giving their customers a heads-up. It's refreshing to have a company willing to share news, even if the news doesn't have a purely positive &/or definitive outcome. SparkFun's approach to put the cards on the table is worthy of respect - a model which other companies should practice.

    And . . . on an almost totally unrelated topic, I began using my first RedBoard last night and I absolutely love it!

    Woo hoo! :)

  • Trip from KSU South Campus to Niwot, CO ~20 h 41 min, each way 1,412 miles, ~19 h 19 min without traffic Estimated gas expenses: $332.60 Assuming 25 mpg, round trip, plus 200 additional miles, and $2.75 per gallon Split four ways = $83.16 per person

    Does anyone come to this event from "far away?"

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