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  • That may be a stupid question but why are the fuel pump markings IN and OUT the reverse of what you mention in the video? And are you using a MAX9924 for your VR sensor?

  • Use a MAX9924 for your VR conditioner. It's designed for it and works great.

  • Why do you connect the exposed die pad to the board (at least if I can rely on the tCream layer of the Eagle file) when the data sheet specifically says not to do it (section 11.4.2 of the data sheet)? And as mentioned previously, the silkscreen for the Z axis is wrong: you have a cross when it should be a dot.

  • The sad thing about this is that the only ones who benefit from any of this are the lawyers. No one else.
    And the only ones who might be confused are people like lawyers (or unfortunately judges) who will never even consider looking for information on the products of either companies let alone buy them. Anyone interested and knowledgeable enough to be looking to buy the products from SparkFun or SPARC will never be confused for even a millisecond.
    Again, that's sad.

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