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  • I hate to see simple factual errors in an otherwise excellent project. The diameter of fluorescent tubes in the US is not specified in centimeters but in eighths of an inch. Thus, a T12 tube is 1.5" in diameter and a T8 is 1.0". (A 12 cm tube is almost 5 inches in diameter.)
    Also, I would like to see a a clearer description of how to work safely with 120 V electrical circuits. My steps for such a project go like this:
    - Turn the fixture on.
    - Turn off the breaker controlling the fixture.
    - Verify the fixture is off.
    - If others will have access to the panel while you're working, tag the breaker with your name (masking tape works) so they know who to find before turning it back on.
    - Verify at the fixture with a DVM or other test device that the power really is off.
    Now you can start to disassemble the fixture.
    Overall, the project is relatively easy and well worth the results. I recommend it.

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