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  • Thanks. I should mention that I am using Leonardo actually. So I simply just added a '1' behind the "Serial" in Serial.begin and Serial.print commands in the serial.ino codes since I am trying to use Xbee to wirelessly send out data and debug on my laptop (attached with another Xbee). As such: ... Serial1.begin(9600) ... Serial1.print((int)gyro.g.x ... Does doing this means I am using hardware serial thus I am using TX RX? and is that why when i connect the gyro to D2 and D3 for SDA and SCL pins, nothing is read?

    I remember that when it is working correctly, the DOUT led on the XBee shield should be indicating every Serial1.print command, right? and indeed I don't see it ever lit up.. so that is the problem? Xbee is unable to send out data. Why is that so?

  • Now I have another question, how should i put for the switch on the Xbee Shield, as I know the switch between UART and DLINE are actually involving pin TX-RX and D2 D3.... I think i messed up there when i was uploading codes. I got it working once when I upload the example [serial.ino] codes i got from the L3G library (Github), but I was not sure what i did with the switch. Help! :(

  • URGENT! I have bought one of the older version of this stackable xbee shield WHICH DOES NOT HAVE SCL AND SDA PINS, I need to use them with my xbee to transmit gyroscope data wirelessly using the SCL and SDA.. HOW CAN I REVIVE THEM? (some sort of jumper wiring? how?) I am sorry i am kinda new… hope you guys help! Thanks! PLEASE!

  • My XCTU can't discover my Xbee Module when I plugged it to my Arduino Leonardo using the exact same shield shown here. It can only detect a com port where the Leonardo is at but XCTU can't find my Xbee when it searched for that com port. Why? Helps! Urgent! Thank you all...

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