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  • RFM22

    If I make the changes and send them to you would that work?

  • This board really needs is the pads for a SMA connector. This way it could be connected to a bigger better, and better matched antenna. See the data sheet page 142. The system impedance is 50 ohms. A monopole or dipole is a not great. It would also be useful for connecting to instruments for things like power measurement.


    Now when is Sparkfun going to carry a wide band PA, LNA for this thing, and some narrow band filters, or even a circulator?

    That would be helpful, and make some possible.

  • Its good to see somethings show up at Sparkfun that have a native CAN-bus, as I am working on doing a ECU and datum logging system for a race car's, how ever I have no experience with programing PIC's. I have worked with arduino's, Atmels and some ARM's and such, where can one start to program this chips. Hope to see a break out board for this chip soon!

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