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  • Does this mean that the 915mhz version can be used in a product without FCC licensing? Thanks for your help!

  • Anyone have any idea if this chip (or one like it) would be able to slow down and speed up the playback of a file? No pitch correction, just resampling?

  • As microtherion write, they are open jumpers, but with a trace connecting them, so the only way to actually open the jumper is to scrape out the trace. Was this a mistake?

  • It's just on or off.

  • Note that, although they advertise an SPI interface (instead of the UART interface), you have to request special SPI firmware from Roving Networks! They don't make this clear ANYWHERE. In fact, in the current version of the datasheet for this module, they actually removed any mention of the SPI pins. Weird.

  • Newark Part No. 67R8090, closer to $1

  • Here's the Digi-Key part number: 2563S-10-ND. So much more expensive!

  • FWIW, these breakout boards work perfectly with these very cost-effective RJ45 jacks from Jameco: https://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&productId=1537416&catalogId=10001&krypto=9x3mj8umRTpEiUpc4g3o46VWVeKoQOF4W0KGbu6hapIWj2QpMUWcjg%3D%3D&ddkey=https:StoreCatalogDrillDownView

  • I'm completely baffled by why the MIDI-In and GPIO1 pins are solder jumpers that are NORMALLY CLOSED?!? This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I had to scrape out the trace between the jumper pads to use these pins, and it took days before I realized that was the problem, because when you see solder jumpers you assume they're not connected by a secret trace!! What on earth are they thinking!??!?!

  • Is anyone else having a lot of problems with the example code? The first LED, for instance, seems to 'stick,' and the others don't reliably propagate down the strip. Then sometimes everything stops, and then jumps forward more than 1 LED (like 6 LEDs at a time), and other times everything stops and it starts filling up from the other end. What gives?

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