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  • I’m pretty sure nobody cares. But, your from Jersey so I’ll forgive the idiotic reply. Can’t forgive the ridiculously moronic beard though homeboy.

  • This will probably get lost in all the comments so far but is there any way you could work something out with all the hacker spaces that are popping up everywhere?

  • so you figured the odds were low but that you’d somehow only spend a couple hours and win. I know probability and statistics is a difficult subject for some but man, that statement doesn’t pass the sanity check.

  • Its not like you didn’t understand how the game worked before you played.

    Would you not shop at a store that sold you a losing scratch ticket because you lost $5 on your gamble?

    You took a gamble today. If you didn’t think there was a good chance you’d waste 6 hours trying for one of 2000 prizes then, sir, your quite the idiot. Always someone else who’s at fault tho, right? I think you should blame the condom as it would have saved you from having to deal with such a frustrating world to begin with.

  • I believe I found an error on one of the serial questions:
    Which of the following statements on the differences between RS-232 and TTL is not true?
    I believe the correct answer should be: RS-232 signals are inverted from TTL signals: a positive voltage represents a logic ‘0’, while a negative voltage is a logic ‘1'
    Not, An RS-232 signal requires two stop bits while a TTL signal only uses one.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I remember spending a afternoon in lab debugging a project before I learned that rs232 is inverted.
    EDIT: Nevermind, inverted logic got me again! I should learn how to read.

  • A few quick questions:
    First, do you have gps coords for the takeoff/landing zones?
    Second, are we allowed to let our gps get a good lock before we the timer starts.
    Third, are the dimensions of your building posted somewhere?
    I don’t trust google maps for gps locations especially since local atmospheric effects can shift things around a bit day to day.

  • so do you bitch and moan when you get a loosing scratch off ticket too? I think it was made pretty clear that server problems were expected. You knew what you were getting yourself into and chose to play the lottery. Unfortunately, you lost out today. You were wrong for expecting to win some free stuff. Unlatch from your mothers nips and grow a pair.

  • Anyone else notice that almost all the people bitching registered their account between when free day was announced in December and today?
    STFU freeloaders.

  • danger will robinson

  • One more wishing for some m/f in the mix.

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