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  • Size of SIM card != data rate. Just that phones that support LTE are more likely to require nano sim

  • I have tried a 47K pull resistor and i still cannot get a connection. The signal I have with the resistor is 2.32V High and 1.56V low on DIN on the RN-XV headers pin3. Looking at the RN-171 data sheet is specifies a VIL Max as 1.0V for data pins. Would a 47M pull-up resistor be better and help lower to low. I am driving the DIN pin on the board with 5.12V to 1.12V signal.

    Also confusingly the the RN-VX datasheet (see ) says it is TTL UART, which would imply 5V VIH Max, but i cannot confirm the VIL/VIH from the data sheet.

  • "Use a wire stripper or an exacto-knife to remove about 6" of the sheath from the extension cord. "
    Best advice is to not use an exacto knife as wire stripper on 110V high amperage power cables . Use a wire stripper that will avoid nicking the wire and causing possible short or even fire.
    You can use GFCI receptacles in series, though you must make sure they are wired as per instructions to make sure you don't create a death trap.

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