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Jody Franklin

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  • I just got mine yesterday, so I can tell you it's just the unit in an anti-static bag. Have to bring your own cord. I have a whole box of them that I've been collecting over the years... can finally put one of them to use.
    On another note one the headers is misaligned, not a problem now, but will be if I try to put a shield on it. Easy enough to fix, though.

  • I've been looking for a rechargeable battery solution for a project, and am considering LiPo as an option. I like that this board is designed in such a way as to be installed in a device and leave the battery in place during charging, but has anyone actually tried using it that way? How has it held up to the device being active (in a low power state) during the charge cycle?
    I could just use the charge light to trigger a power down during charge, but would prefer to allow the device to operate (below the 300mA the charger will deliver) while the charge cycle is running.
    Would like to know before letting out the magic smoke. :D

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