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  • When you were running it at 27 Mhz, did you have it send “Breaker, Breaker, good buddy. 10-4” out the serial port?

    I missed the free procurement class. :-(

    What happened to broadcasting the Procurement class? I would have paid and showed up in person, but it wasn’t as easy as watching on the computer. So both my friend and I waited for almost two hours (on a friday night, what a bunch of nerds…) hoping it would start. Did it get recorded? Will it be archived somewhere?

  • (oops, hit send too soon)
    I have family and friends that have made big money because of patents. Some based on ideas they developed on their own and patented on their own, and other patents developed at their “day job” and they got a nice chunk of change in royalties. Now that my Dad is retired, he can do what he wants, and partnered with two other guys that developed some ideas for targeted advertising. They got a patent on some of the ideas (that they wrote up themselves at minimum expense) and came really close to licensing to another company. Just before closing, the other company backed out and told them that they were going to use the technology anyway. They “said” they didn’t believe their patents were valid, and stated that they knew my Dad’s company didn’t have the resources to pursue it. This is an example of how a patent could be a waste of time if you don’t have the money (and time, and energy) to take on the big guy.

  • mad_science: I find it ironic and sad that a company who makes its revenue by reselling other peoples patents on the internet would have such disdain for those who make these things possible.
    Patents on products like MEMS gyroscopes/accelerometers, GPS receivers, and OLED displays, which Sparkfun resells for a profit, are why your company even exist in the first place.

    I thought the implied audience was, well, the typical spark fun customer, not the big research organization that it takes to make MEMS gyroscopes, GPS technology, OLED displays, etc. This type of stuff doesn’t usually come from the average one-man shop working out of his/her basement. Even all the way up to the size of what sparkfun has become, it would be hard to argue that patenting, well, pretty much anything that SparkFun has put out so far, is a good idea.

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