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  • I was not expecting a wavelength for white light :) I just thought the temperature was deserving of its own column rather than being listed under the wavelength column. I cannot imagine these LEDS come anywhere near 3000mcd which is why I was "questioning" the info sheet. Thank you Kamiquasi I was starting to question myself!

  • Is this info sheet correct? I am typically accustomed to seeing LEDs with luminous Intensity circa 100 mcd or less. What is this business of brightness in the info sheet i.e. 10,000 mcd? The total luminous Intensity of 10 LEDs or something? Then the white LED is speced with Kelvin which is color temperature in the wavelength column?

  • Reposted above where I meant to in the first place. Sorry about that.

  • OK first of all this is a place to review the MyDAQ Protoboard Kit and not the MyDAQ itself. Second of all I would like to challenge anyone to "replace it with an arduino in less time than it would take for the myDaq to arrive in the mail." The out of the box VI that comes with the MyDAQ has a DMM, 2 channel Oscope, a spectrum analyzer, a dynamic signal analyzer, a function generator, an arbitrary waveform generator, and a digital I/O interface. This is aside from all the possibilities that are opened up by the use of the device with Labview ($25 more if you are a student). Am I going to use this device in aerospace applications or to go the moon? No but it is still an awesome device for those getting into the business of hacking, making, and engineering. I will even select USPS or ground shipping to give you the time to build me such a nice device for approximately $200. Insulting such a low cost well intended device for learning is an insult to the team of engineers that gave us such a device at the cost of an engineering school textbook. As for the protoboard yes its costly but check out the cost on the terminal blocks alone and you will know why it cost so much.

  • I am trying to create a C/C++ library so I can talk to the Xbee via a PC's USB interface or a FTDI, but not go thru a hyper-terminal.
    Has anyone here done something similar? Is there a sample code that I can take a look at?

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