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  • Hi, I have bought these Flexiforce sensors in order to create an insole that measure pressures points of the foot. The difficulty i am having is trying to calibrate the sensors. I have 500 g masses that I have been stacking on the the sensing area of the sensor, but I get very inconsistent voltage and resistance readings every time. Even the slightest movement to the masses creates a different reading for both voltage and resistance. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve this problem?

    Also, the force vs. resistance curve for the sensor shows that the resistance of the sensor drops to nearly 0 Kohms for a force above 1.3 lbs. However, I thought the sensor was still sensitive to up to 0-100 lb (according to the datasheet). Would anyone please let me know how I can detect the voltage/resistance change when different people stand on the insole if the change is resistance is not very noticeable? I will be placing the sensors on the toe, heel, first and fifth metatarsal point of the insole and need to then generate a pressure map showing the pressure points of the foot (in Matlab).

    It would be great if anyone can help and thanks a lot :)

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