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  • ...seems like everytime i go to develop something the pins are sooo close, but never in the right order.

    I was develping a kit using a Fio v3 with an adafruit ads1115, to build to a breadboard only to find the SDA and SCL plins were swapped...after i had assembled, production pcb boards made.

    I wanted to use this breakout to take the revised board(now using Fio V3 pin layout) to connect to an alternative Qwiic based board...in relation to the Fio v3 layout the board is based on....the 3.3 and GND plins are swapped...BAHHH!!!

  • Is this module capable of being a "Master"? I want to use an arduino to read bluetooth bike sensor data(HRM,CPP, and CSC), and relay that to a screen.

  • Project Timeline Rules state that: If an Engineer see his shadow it means there will be 6 more weeks of development time.

  • My biggest rabbit hole has been robotics, autonomous robotics in particular. To add to a previous poster's comments, I refused to buy the beginner robot kits because...they didn't teach anything. It was a bunch of parts you assemble and it does a predefined task. I could build those kits all day and still not know anything better than the most efficient way to build THAT kit.

    So years later I finally find myself competent at basic electronics and programming applications that I give building a robot a try. Well first off, programming apps and MCU's are a bit different. Yes the core logic is the same, but setting up the registers, timing, and various things needed to get the compiler to load the code to the chip are rabbit holes that I had a hard time getting out from as the chip I had at the time was a PIC24, but I could only find 20 year old references to a PIC16.

    Eventually I find the arduino, sit on it for a bit as it wasn't deemed "professional" by my peers. But eventually I dig in and the level of support and documentation is amazing. So the sky's the limit, right?

    WRONG! What do you want the robot to do??? This is rabbit hole I have yet to escape. Sure it could go forward and turn around and back...but why does it move forward? Follow a line? Then I always have to have a line. Seek out particular gases or certain color?...why it would want to do that? Then it hits me, what does a robot want to do? Why does it want to move from here to there? And this is where I never invested much time into build/designing one. The rabbit hole in this regard is me being stuck contemplating existence.

    For me, the best way to expand my abilities is to convince myself of an unfulfilled need, and then attempt to fulfill the need by doing, learning along the way. <rant> Although I have noticed something from various friends, family, and coworkers that I find very disheartening: It is what I call they're lack of "try." I may not be able to accomplish a task, but I'll try. It outright amazes me the amount of people who see a problem, and assume they can't do it and don't attempt because of that belief. I'm a maker and my father was a maker. I'm a father now and if I can only teach my daughter one thing in this life it's that she may not know what amazing things she is capable of until she tries. </rant>

    Projects list (my projects usually make it to the point of functional, but never get to be fully polished before moving on): * Tabletop CNC router * Desktop LCD Projector * Animation Halloween decorations * Bluetooth Garage opener/status * 73' Road Runner Front Frame Rail replacement.

  • If we're going that far, I'd automate the whole process with a controlled drip to maintain the moisture level, and have it only notify you in the event of issues (i.e. absence of source water). Maybe even a second drip for liquid plant food to seasonally administer that as well.

    ...now if only I could build something to pluck the apples out of my trees and bake me a a cobbler.

  • "With my Raspberry pi-based rail gun, I will stop, the world...I will stop, the pain."

  • So a got a couple of the Sparkfun 32U4 v3 FIOs, imagine my disappointment when I noticed what appeared to be a slam dunk for mounting an Adafruit ADC 16 bit analog board straight on top, only to find the SDA and SCL were swapped!

    Any suggestions for swapping the pins short of artful soldering of a miniature metal helix?

  • I'm a bit confused on the FIO hookup guide. I was under the impression the I2C connections are on A4 & A5. Though the image shows them on D2 & D3. Which is correct?

  • I was considering this for a wireless temperature sensor application, but was swayed away from it do to the imp cloud aspect as so many other have been. However, I've now seen that it possible to create your own "cloud" by installing a phant server from https://data.sparkfun.com/

    This should remove the imp cloud restriction. Can someone confirm this?

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