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  • Can you provide some examples of how this article is politicized? Can you provide any examples of Sparkfun hating the American worker, or conservative customers?

  • I don't understand the point you are trying to make here. You claim that the real problem is due to poor product management on their end, but then make the claim that it is coming to light because many of their products are affected by the tariffs. You claim that the tariffs are insignificant but then examine who the cost will pass to, implying they are not insignificant. You claim this is venting about the administration and not the impetus tariffs put on your workflow, and I am trying to think of a way to word this that is not condescending, but if you think that way you must not have ever worked in an electronics design or manufacturing field. Ironically in a post I would call fairly nonbiased, your comment heat-seeking towards perceived political leanings is much more biased.

  • This was designed to be a dig, but due to the way comments are presented after replies, it fell flat.

  • Could you elaborate on the far left progressive ideals or bias in the article?

  • Could you elaborate on the anti-American sentiment in the previous comment?

  • It's upsetting how little you think of American manufacturing, unpatriotic even.

  • Is there a curve floating around somewhere of the voltage or charge characteristics as temperature changes?

  • It seems that on this product and many others the sale price has gone away? Was it supposed to last until the end of today?