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  • Did you install the software is in the steps on here? This is a troubleshooting guide as well

  • This is Gus Issa with GHI electronics. We have been using the open source logo on about 50 different circuit boards that we produce and sell. We even encouraged our community to add the logo to their design. I do not have exact figures but we have sold thousands of boards with OSHW logo and we have thousands in stock as well. Also, there are numerous boards made by the community that have the OSHW logo.

    What I am trying to say is that, for us, changing the logo will be impossible at this point. Not only will cause us huge losses but also discourage us, other companies and community members from using any new OSHW logo.

    For us and our community, the answer is defiantly “License the open source hardware ‘gear’ logo from OSI”. Of course, we expect OSI to really simplify this process. All we want, OSHW and us followers, is to share our work with the world in good faith.

    Gus Issa, CEO GHI Electronics

  • Yes of course, actually many in the community have built modules that they are even selling

    All source codes and designs are open so you can easily get started

  • This video explains what gadgeteer is about.

    Want to run linux instead? Here is full tutorial on how to do so.

    Hope you guys like this exciting new technology.

    Gus Issa - GHI Electronics

  • Yes and this is GHI's original post

  • This free ebook is worth mentioning

  • There is a little learning moving from arduino to .NET C# but then you get a lot more.
    Microsoft libs:
    GHI libs:
    and there is a free ebooks that covers it all:

  • Yes you can use arduino ethernet shild, even better, full professional networking drivers are provided, including TCP/UDP/HTTP.
    Of course this is standard .NET so the web is full of examples.
    GHI also offers an enhanced "ethernet shield" called FEZ Connect.

  • Does this project help answering your question ;)

  • Allan,
    You are correct, the video is probably long. The goal was to provide a very basic start for beginner users that might not know anything about electronics or programming. We will discuss making a more interesting video. Thank you for your note.

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