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  • I wonder if anyone has tried attaching a glider (something small) to one of these baloons with ardupilot type auto pilot in it. Just let it glide down to or near the launch point, take away some of the hassle of 100s of km of driving.

  • Just rcved this, Here is a short review:

    It is a good tool for basic rework stuff. Heats quickly, cools very slowly. Already fixed a module (work $20) with fine pitch QFP that no amount of soldering iron/wick would fix, this thing will pay for itself in no time.

    My desk is full already but the tubing on this unit is long enough to put it in a far corner and still be usable.

    One con: The temp display is cheap and only fully visible from an angle (maybe it is just my unit?).

  • Is the SPI communication with the nrf module bitbanged in the firmware?

  • Does bloader work with this uC?

  • Will this work with any 315mHz (ASK) receiver?

  • I am interested in knowing the same!
    I got $30 .. and was refreshing twitter every now and then... seemed like it went from 96K to 150K in a couple of minutes.
    FreeDay 2010: $0 in 2 hours
    FreeDay 2011: $30 in 45 min
    You guys are improving.
    Thanks Sparkfun!

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