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  • Wow, that PIC programmer would have been OK about 5-10 years ago… The cost/features ratio on that thing is really, really bad.

  • If you want to go “the next step” with detecting/measuring ionizing radiation, you’ll want to build a scintillation probe. A scintillator is far more sensitive than a Geiger tube. A scintillation probe is typically a combination of a ‘scintillator’ material (there are many types) optically coupled to a photomultiplier tube. In addition to being much more sensitive than a G-M tube, with appropriate electronics it can discriminate between various isotopes. A project I did is at:

  • As an employee of a very large IT company, this could negatively influence buying decisions…
    Don’t they understand that it’s a dumb idea to anger the Geeks? SparkFun customers are not generally managers, lawyers, or business majors.

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