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Peter Gardner

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Country: United States

  • I somehow managed to log on for free day without any idea it was occurring. Order accepted! Thanks SparkFun, your efforts to make the world fun and more interesting are paying off!

  • I wasn't able to use this method to get to the restart options page, when I got to the restart now button, it just restarted my computer and didn't bring me to the options page.

    However, there is an easier way. Windows-x brings up administration menu. Click Shut down or Sign out. Hold shift and click restart. This brings you to step 5 in you instructions.

    (Also, Step 5 is labelled incorrectly, since you haven't yet restarted).

  • Can this board play more than one sound file at a time? If not, can someone recommend a board that can?


  • Looks like this is just the "Transceiver nRF2401A Trace Antenna Connector"

  • What are you talking about? In the description of the event they say that they are trying to test out the server and see if it can handle it. They explicitly layout how hard it was last year and seemed to also say that they expected it to be hard this year. Sorry you didn't get anything, but comments are silly.

  • Thanks, SparkFun! That was great! I love this idea. It is really nice to see a company that wants to try to give something back. You're awesome.

  • It's a server load test. Don't be silly.

  • They got tons of good will from me. I logged in early and took the $40 code for loyalty. Sorry you didn't get anything, but are you really complaining about a website not giving you free stuff? Welcome to the internets.

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