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    Well, it looks like the board doesn't like it :) I tried with a not-so-cheap servo drawing 400 mA with no load according to its datasheet (PowerHD 1501MG), with the board plugged on my laptop USB. It worked, and after a second it started to smoke and stink hard. I unplugged everything quickly, and the board is not dead, but I expect some surprises in the future ^^ It seems to be ok with a cheap SG90 servo (which running current's value is mysterious, but obviously less than for 1501MG), however I still don't know the exact limit...

  • What's the max current that can be drawn from the VIN pin ? For instance could I power a cheap servo when the board is plugged on USB ?

    What about PWM ? There's no mention of it anywhere, but there's a PWM LED tutorial in the book, si I guess every GPIO do ?

    Thanks in advance

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