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  • What pins are used to connect an SD card to this board? And can I use a standard SD card breakout board for this (SPI and power pins)? Thanks.

  • Can this board be programmed with the J-Link EDU Base programmer, or does it require the Atmel-ICE programmer/debugger?


  • Thanks for the reply. One further thing -- do you use Atmel Studio for development, or something else (I'm a PIC developer used to MPLAB X; I'm not sure that covers SAMD parts)? Thanks again.

  • I see a debugging socket on the board (unpopulated). What is the pitch of the socket? What debugger does that require? Also, if I load my own code through the debugging socket, does that invalidate the UF2 bootloader, or can it still be used?


  • Great, thanks.

  • This board looks terrific. One question about power: if I have external 5v and 3.3v power supplies, can I power the board with them, instead of the onboard voltage regulator and the USB input?


  • Ok, I got it -- need to set the ctrl_reg0 ee_w bit. With that set the image registers change properly.

  • I'm having trouble setting BMA180 registers (eg, the range and bandwidth registers at 0x35 and 0x20) using a UBW32 PIC32 board.
    I can read the version, gain, range, and acceleration values alright (using SPI with control byte with leading bit 1) but after writing (control byte with leading bit 0), a read returns the same value the register had before the write. I'm writing directly into the setting register, not the EEPROM register -- the data sheet says this is read/write, but I can't get the write to work.
    Any pointers on what I might be doing wrong will be appreciated; thanks in advance.

  • Win7 doesn't recognize this board as a mouse -- I get an 'unknown device' error, says device gives code 43. Any ideas as to how to deal with this?

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