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  • Its a minor thing...but 48mA across the LED?

  • Will the capacitive sense booster board (430BOOST-SENSE1) be making its way to SparkFun too?

  • Just a note that would have saved me a lot of time: Those using this with the Arduino Wire library, you need to use the 7 bit address, not the one (8-bit) provided in the datasheet. That is: use 0x1E as the device address, the library appends the R/W bit (resulting in 0x3C / 0x3D). Hindsight is 20 / 20...

  • I ordered several of these a while back. I can confirm that the ones I received match the data sheet. (From left to right facing the plastic-ish side) 1: GND 2: Vout 3: Vin

  • I've got this hooked up and not quite working. I'm running it off of a variable supply at 12V, and it is drawing about 40 mA. My RCA and DC Ground are tied together as well. When I scope the video out, I'm seeing a complex waveform as expected that changes when I put my hand in front of the screen, etc. However, I cannot get a picture out on any of my equipment (small TV, two different low power projectors). Am I missing something?
    (And yes, verified NTSC on the camera and output devices.)

  • Is the 2 x 30 connector to mate with this available through SparkFun or another major source?