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  • Hi there, I have purchased 2 sunny buddy's as I have a 2 cell Li-po battery and I was told I could use 2 sunny buddy's in series to charge the battery. I am a little confused to how the circuit would go, as there is not a diagram for this on the data sheet. My 2 cell battery has a balance charging lead consisting of 3 wires, and a discharge lead consisting of 2 wires. I have 2 solar panels each for one MPPT, but would i connect each MPPT to the batteries balance lead with a shared ground? And then how would I go about taking to load from the battery? Would it come from the batteries discharge lead or would it go through the MPPT's load port? The load is a single motor, the need for 2 cells is due to the 7.4V needed for the motor to operate at the correct conditions. Many thanks, Sacha.

  • Nice, I am going to go with the 2 cell lifepo4 setup. I have been looking over the diagram for that and I am a little confused, I apologise I am a aero engineering student and my electronics skills aren't great. The diagram for the 2 cell lifepo4 shows the resistors and diodes etc, do they need to be on the circuit board in place of some existing original components? Or are they connected outside of the board. I'm confused if the pin diagram represents the chip on the board or the board itself. I cannot see the wiring diagram for the original board on the data sheet. Also I'm finding it quite difficult to find some of the really specific resisters like 542k 459k and 0.05k. Thanks Leon.

  • Brilliant, thanks for your quick reply, ideally I would like to charge a 2 cell lipo battery, but there is no diagram for that modification. Would that be possible? I would of thought the cells just need a higher charging voltage supplied. This setup would only be charging the battery occasionally, it would be balanced charged the majority of the time. Thanks, Leon.

  • hi there, in the data sheet, it says this can be used to charge a 2s liFePo4 and has a circuit diagram with a solar panel inputting the voltage. I apologise I only have basic knowledge with electronics, so is that diagram showing what resistors, capacitors etc which would be needed to make this work with a 2 cell battery? Cheers, Leon.

  • Hi there, I am partaking in a solar powered model aircraft project for my dissertation. Basically I am using a 3s lipo, but i do not need to charge it as my motors draw will be more than the power produced by the solar array. Therefore I need to draw all the current from the solar array and some from the battery. Does this device allow to do this if I had a 1s lipo? What could I do to allow this configuration on a 3s lipo?. Many thanks, Sacha.

  • Hi there, is it possible to charge a 1s lipo battery with this whilst discharging it? If so how would it be connected? Many thanks, Sacha.

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