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  • This new version of the remote is NOT the same as the version it replaces (COM-11759). It emits different codes, so software developed with COM-11759 will not work with this remote, and the Sparkfun example code will not work.

    Here are the codes for this new version COM-14865:

    #define POWER 0x00FF629D
    #define A 0x00FF22DD
    #define B 0x00FF02FD
    #define C 0x00FFC23D
    #define UP 0x00FF9867
    #define DOWN 0x00FF38C7
    #define LEFT 0x00FF30CF
    #define RIGHT 0x00FF7A85
    #define SELECT 0x00FF18E7
  • Great writeup, Nate. I've been in the Pit of Despair for a while now, and have felt very guilty about being grumpy and tired when I feel I should be enjoying the success. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. Can't quit my day job, but don't necessarily want to work every night/weekend either. It's hard to relax because there's no such thing as "done".

  • I had the same problem. This is caused by sending any characters on the UART after you have issued a command. So if your serial terminal is sending CRLF (carriage return, line feed), change it to only send CR after you press enter. This solved the problem for me.

  • For my latest IOIO project, I displayed video captured from the Android phone on a large RGB LED matrix panel:

    Android Video on an RGB LED Matrix

  • The analog inputs can handle up to 1.2V

  • No, I haven't, but that's because I don't run any Windows machines.

  • Arduino is also for people that are proficient in C programming, but want to take advantage of the Arduino bootloader and Arduino IDE as an easy way to compile and upload their code to the AVR chip.
    As an alternative, I could write a Makefile and use avrdude to burn my code to the chip using my Bus Pirate. But why? Instead I write code outside of the IDE in the editor of my choice, then just click the upload button on the IDE.

  • Agree -- the version of the bootloader shipped with Uno has several serious bugs. If Sparkfun loaded the latest official release (May 2010) from the Optiboot site
    ...then they've made a big mistake. Can someone at SFE please let us know precisely which bootloader image is on these chips?

  • ...if you are asking about the Video Experimenter, yes, it is all open source hardware and software. And it's available for purchase now.

  • Here's something much better! The new Video Experimenter shield lets you capture video images in memory and display them on a TV. Resolution is 128x96.
    video frame capture
    The shield lets you do all kinds of other things, too.
    The Arduino Eye project is quite old, and it's what got me interested in processing video in the first place!

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