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  • Yep, when WU sold out to The Weather Channel, things just starting failing soon after. I'd been pushing data to them using Virtual Weather Station for a decade, then noticed I wasn't getting any data back from them. They told me the old export API was no longer available, so I stopped sending them my data. That got their attention and I started getting emails asking why my station wasn't sending to them.

    "I send you data, you send me data, this was the pact. You broke the pact."

  • Actually, the older model that I've been graphing for about a year now, had a short term spike that went from my normal 24 to the 80's. It didn't occur the same time as one of the CME's hitting the earth, I suspect one of those middle of the night trains carrying special cargo's, I'm about a mile from the main line running through Eastern Washington. :)


  • Seconded, I'd be very interested in aftermarket tweaks to improve the design and safety.

  • That sounds pretty much like the experience I had with my first unit. I eventually found a solder blob shorting a couple of traces when I found my jewelers loupe, but the damage had already been done by then. I returned it to SparkFun and they sent me a replacement which has been working fine for months now. I'd suggest contacting SparkFun's support group and getting an RMA number.

  • For anybody who might be playing with my VB app, I've updated it to fix one small bug and added a second file output format. You can now specify a filename and have it produce a file that can be read by the free, LiveGraph program, which will graph the output of the last six hours worth of data. Since LiveGraph is in Java and has a published API, you could probably build on that to create your own graphing applications.

  • I believe all you need is a copy of the v13 firmware, a copy of the program compiler/downloader for the arduino (from their website) and one of the In Circuit Programmers (ISP) supported by that downloader. I think SparkFun sells a couple of different ISP's, there are two listed in the Related Products here that would probably work.

  • Have you moved the counter to a different location to compare counts? I agree, 70-120 seems abnormally high compared to the average around the country.

  • It's not the body scanner that would trip, it would be one of the radiation detectors. When I had my Nuclear Stress Test a few years back, they asked if I had any travel plans because they'd give me a doctors note explaining why I was radioactive. Border crossings and airports, at least, have a lot of detectors you don't see because they don't have to be close to notice a change.

  • With a bit more data history, and weather that actually implies Spring might happen this year, I'm seeing a daily variation in the graph. Roughly a 10% swing between a low at night and the high during the day. Our local star doing its job. :)

  • So, with about 3 weeks of monitoring now, the only visible artifact on my measurements is the occasional DROP in background radiation. :)
    Since this is all part of my weather station setup, I've checked a few obvious things like wind, barometric pressure and rain, nothing seems to match up with the changes in background radiation. Yes, I've checked the times I use my dryer also, since the detector is near the exhaust vent for it. :)
    Anybody else noticing any interesting things?

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