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  • Connected cars? You gotta know Big Brother is wanting in the back door -- your insurance company too. Kinda creepy.

  • Well thought out article. Personally, I prefer Open Source and Open Hardware solutions when they meet my project requirements as I expect that during the product's useful life cycle there isn't a great deal of risk. I also agree that contributing in some way, financially or otherwise, is for the greater good the long run as a strong Open Source community tends to keep the commercial entities competitive and customer focused.

  • I have an earlier version. The biggest difference I see is that on the output (hi voltage) side, there are now three connections, a common with normally closed and normally open outputs. The previous version only had the common connection with a single output. This new configuration seems to be much more flexible and allows for an either/or situation with two downstream outputs you want to control. I'm going to order a few.

  • I also observed the on-board sensor was reporting a higher than ambiant room temperature. There probably isn't much that can be done about it, but overall the value proposition for the Blynk Board still makes it worthwhile IMHO.

  • I just want you folks to know I appreciated the transparency of these posts and the conversations they sometimes generate. While I don't have anything of substance on this subject, my comment is that facilitating this exchange of information is part of SparkFun's added value to me as a customer. Kudos.

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