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  • You can try CoreRFID


    For anyone who is interested here are some resources I found in regards to tag compatibility with this reader:

    Basic RFID IC List

    LF RFID Tag Form Factors

    ‘UNIQUE’ Data Format - Industry de facto standard

    RFID IC’s

    So as the datasheet for this reader points out it should be compatible with any LF ( 125 kHz ) 64-bit IC based tag. Hopefully the info in the list above will help anyone looking for tags for this reader in their project. The key point is to make sure you have the correct frequency and memory / protocol, in which is illustrated in the above “RFID IC’s” link.

    One last note, here is a company that I found that sells some of HID’s tags AND was one of few that does not specify a min. qty of 1000 or more:


    NOTE: This company is based in the UK so watch for shipping charges, currency, and “Value Added Tax.”

  • Well I think I found my problem, apparently HID makes several versions of the “World Tag” and the one that I bought is chip type “Titan” which is a 1024 bit EEPROM ( EM4150 / EM4450? ). The ID-12 from SparkFun can only read 64 bit ( EM4100 / EM4102 / EM4200 / ATA5575M1 ):

    HID - World Tag

    I am surprised that Parallax does not offer this datasheet on their website. So for anyone interested in using these tags from HID with the readers from ID Innovations that are offered at SparkFun you will need the “Unique” world tag. I wish mfg’s would make it simpler on pairing tags to readers – AND – specify not only the air interface protocol but also the memory format like HID.

    I hope somebody finds this useful and good luck finding a distributor!

  • Hello all! I bought this reader because of how compact it is and easy to use, especially because SparkFun has the USB shield (SEN-09963). I have it connected to an ATMega32 via FTDI’s VDIP2 USB module and displays the data on a 16x2 LCD. The reader works great with the cards (RTL-11506) from SparkFun but I am not able to read EM4100 cards. The specific EM4100 card that I am using is “Item code 32399” from Parallax. I noticed a couple of posts that said they were able to. Is there something I am missing?


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