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  • FUSE!

    What will happen is the solder joints on the heating pads wear through the electrical tape (use shrink wrap), short together, and you then have several hundred amps going through the positive wire, which will catch fire, and so will the car. And you will have a bad day.

    Don’t fool around on this one.

    You want the fuse next to the battery, not for convenience, but because shorts between the battery and the fuse will not blow the fuse, so you want to avoid that extra little bit of cable run. Notice the car maker puts their fuses close to the battery too.

  • Logarithm? Unless you’re using slide-rules to pick a winner, me think you means Algorithm Different beast ;)

  • I read the Dimensional Drawing, and in the back of my head I heard my high school physics teacher yelling at me, “UNITS! Where’s your Units??

  • You guys do realize that you’re in the nose-bleed section of the planet up there, so us normal people at lower altitudes will see something different.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_discharge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spark_gap

    Also, 8 segments@20amps means ~2.5A into each unit. 2.5A at 5V = 12.5W. At a few thousand volts at 12 Watts… So, just a word to the wise, you could hurt yourself quite badly with this thing. Be careful :(

  • I logged in to comment on just that.

    When you plug it in to a breadboard with just the little ip-/ip+ the board is crooked.

    If the eagle files were posted I’d just submit the changes.

  • heck with the shirt, the camera blinking is still driving me nuts.

    Maybe the product camera is polarized, and the recording camera we’re watching is switching polarity rapidly, and it’s going in and out of phase.


  • My time is not free. We were spending time to save money.

    At some point, it made more sense to spend time doing my normal job a bit longer to get the extra dough. I decided I’d much rather code than solve captchcas.

    It’s an intellectual rationalization, and not everyone sees it that way.

    However, it is a great experience and caused us to interact with spf more. Even this comment about the event draws more attention to spf.

    It’s like The Game: By thinking and discussing about Freeday, we ‘lose’ and end up helping spf. Not sure that’s losing, but anyways.



  • Seconded. Spent about a week looking for the 1023 ADC problem.

  • On a non-american car? Think of the Kittez!

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