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  • You can limit the output bandwidth to create an anti-aliasing filter with just a slight modification. If you look at figure 3 in the datasheet they show this application. You could replace the the smt resistor with a cap and put a through hole resistor in for Rl or just stack a cap on the smt resistor. Now you have to consider the RC time constant vs settle time needed for your adc (not sure what the arduino is 12 bit maybe?) and adjust your sample rate accordingly and still meet nyquist from your stopband. Not trivial but can be done.

    Your points are valid, however I am not sure how many people need the resolution you are discussing.

  • Just a suggestion on the unused op amp. It should really be configured as a voltage buffer to assure you don't drive the output to a rail and sink or source extra current. Even tying the inputs to ground is a bad idea since you will have the open loop gain times the input offset voltage. I almost never have an unused opamp, use it in your circuit! There are plenty of places you can use a buffer. Analog Devices has a full "app note'ish" response to this question. http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/rarely_asked_questions/unused_op-Amp_article.html

  • Doom was great but have to admit I liked Wolfenstein 3D a bit more. You know the original one with Nazis in it.If we can get some Wolfenstein 3D ported as well then I might have to get one of these bad boys for some serious early 90's gaming.

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